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Best locations in Panama where you can get an investment property


The laws in Panama are very lenient towards foreigners who want to invest and stay for good in their country. Here are some suggestions on the best areas where you can get a good Panama real estate investment:

Punta Pacifica

Bank account permitting, you can pour in your money to this premium residential area in the heart of Panama City. The constructions are still on going but you can expect the best development which includes a world class hospital, a big shopping mall, private schools, hardware stores and other amenities that you may wish for.

Playa Panama

This beach forms part of the Pacific Coast of Panama. During the past several years, the stretch of beaches along this coast has been experiencing heavy development. Just a few minutes from your possible ocean view property are resorts like Vista Mar, Decameron, Coronado, and Beuneventura.


Gamboa is part of Panama’s reverted areas. It is about twenty minutes from Gatun Lake which was once the biggest man-made lake in the world. If you want some seclusion and privacy, you can make your Panama investment here. It is famous for its jungle and wildlife. It is home to the Gamboa Rain Forest and have several areas designated for bird watching.

A few minutes from Gamboa, you will be able to see the Summit Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Here you will be able to see a pair of harpy eagles, considered as one of the biggest birds of predation in the world. There are also wild cats, monkeys, and giant tapirs.

Cerro Azul

Cerro Azul is just half an hour from the Tocumen International Airport. Given that the weather is good, you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans from Cerro Azul. The properties being developed are around 2,500 feet or more above the sea level. The weather is excellent and the landscape picturesque.

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