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5 Things to consider when moving to Panama

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Are you planning to move to Panama? Below is a round up of useful tips for you:

Local customs that you need to be aware of

If you need to make a big adjustment to any of the local customs, that might have to do something with how everyone arrives fashionably late when going to an event. A schedule event does not start around 45 minutes to an hour and a half later. There are also family or personal practices that you need to be aware of. Most families have second homes near the beach where they spend their Sundays. Christmas is celebrated on its eve and not every December 25th.

How to meet new friends

Making new friends in Panama is quite easy. The locals are very friendly. You can meet a lot of people at different events, nightlife spots, and on the beach. Panamanians love going out in large groups and frequent the same places. The expats here also attend most events at their embassies. There are also a lot of cultural events sponsored by different groups.

What to bring when moving

In case you are so attached to your bed sheets, then by all means bring them. Excellent quality bed linens are quite hard to find or very expensive in this corner of the globe. This is also true for undergarments. If you love the outdoors, you do not need to bring the heavy camping gears. All you will need will be the hammock and and the mosquito net if you decide to spend the night under the stars.

Finding a home before moving

It will be wise to look for home before moving to Panama. Try to reach out to your employer or friends so you can have a place to stay at that will be comfortable, suit your taste and budget. You can also ask your employer for referrals and connections so you can find a property you can purchase. If you have friends who are moving out of Panama, ask if you can get purchase their place or arrange for it to be rented by you.

Opening a bank account

It can be frustrating to open a bank account if you don’t have a Panamanian ID. It will take weeks and you need to send reference letters from banks back home to establish that you are responsible to manage your accounts.

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