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Panama real estate: Great investment in a retirement haven

Real Estate

santa_clara_beachPanama might be small in ters of size but it is considered as among the best places where you can spend your retirement. This is mainly attributed to its warm climatee, retiree programs, and picture perfect beaches.


The country is a small counry that links South and Central America located in between the North Pacific and the Caribbean. Panama City is its capital that boasts of rich history and a balance between an environment of modern skyscapers and rugged mountain ranges. Add to that a thousand castaway islands.


The government of Panama has also done a lot to attract investors and a mature clientele. If you will be buying a property in Panama, you can also apply for permanent residence after a year of residence visa application. Once approved, you can already enjoy the country’s pensionado program.


The pensionado program is among the best in the world. The benefits include 50% discounts for entertainment; 30% for fares on trains, buses, and boats; 25% discount on utility bills; 20% on doctor’s charges; 15% on hospital charges; 15% off on eye and dental services and the list goes on and on.


If you love shopping, Panama has some world class stores that sell well-known brands in the U.S. and Europe. It will somehow make you feel at home while adjusting to your new setup. You can find familiar brands of ice creams, pancakes, hams, among other international products. The clothing lines you love are also there so retiree fashionistas will enjoy.


If upon retirement, you still want to put your entrepreneurial skills to use, you can do so in Panama. It has a pro-business environment with good infrastructure, affordable work force, and well thought of regulations.

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