Panama Real Estate – An Introduction

Panama, Real Estate

Panama is a good place for US citizens to invest in real estate, have a retired life or to do business. Panama’s Residency Laws, Investment Laws and Real Estate Laws are very friendly towards foreigners.

Any foreigner who can invest $100,000 as a general investor can get a Residence Visa there. There are many other investment avenues to get a Residence Visa.

Foreigners are allowed to buy land in Panama. They are given the same protection as Panamanian citizens. Property Tax exemption is given for twenty years from the date of purchase for properties bough for business purpose. New buildings also will get the same exemption. Companies engaged in tourism promotion are exempted from property tax as long as they do the same business.

There are two types of property ownership in Panama. One is the purchase of titled property. Such purchases are registered in the property registry. This gives the buyer a clear ownership of the property. Another type is purchase of rights of possession. It does not give an absolute right of ownership. It is better to obtain the services of a professional to purchase land. Foreigners are not allowed to buy land within ten miles of the border area.


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  1. giancarlo  •  December 9, 2008 @6:38 pm

    i have a lot for sale in panama 3000sqm

    price 120,000

  2. Trina  •  April 22, 2009 @8:58 am

    Thanks Giancarlo,

    Have you been able to sell it already?

    Love, Trina

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